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Sweet Track Directory of Qualified Counsellors and Supervisors

Qualified Therapist Directory

We provide this list in good faith and it is important to note that the therapists listed in our directory have not all been verified by Sweet Track. The directory includes members of Sweet Track, counsellors that have trained through Sweet Track and other therapists that have come recommended primarily from tutors and other therapists within the directory.


While we strive to offer a connection between individuals with therapists, we want to emphasise that any agreements or engagements made with these therapists are the sole responsibility of the individuals seeking their services. We cannot guarantee the outcomes or effectiveness.

We provide this directory as a convenient resource for anyone seeking therapy to explore a variety of options. It is crucial to exercise due diligence and carefully evaluate the qualifications, credentials, and expertise of each therapist before entering into any professional relationship or making any commitments. The therapy experience is highly personal and can vary depending on your circumstances and needs. Therefore, we encourage you to carefully evaluate and engage in thorough discussions with therapists to ensure a good fit before making any agreements or commitments.


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Adele Robertson


Aleine Ridge

North London. Transpersonal
07901 944442

Anina Fox

Glastonbury. Sweet Track Psycho-Spiritual
07983 476828

Anita Jones

Norfolk – near King’s Lynn. Person-Centred / Psychodynamic

Annie Synott


Anstice Fisher

01225 460550/07724 93481

Claire Ballardie

Market Lavington, Devizes – Sweet Track Psycho-spiritual
01380 812483 / 07710 420357

Clara Attridge

Ledbury and Hereford. Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

Dawn Harding

Chippenham. Psychotherapeutic Counsellor.
07585 558101

Emer Heavey

Freshford. Core Process
01225 722656

Esther Lohneis

Coxley, nr. Wells. Integrative.
07572 848925

Georgina Sirett-Armstrong-Smith

Glastonbury. Sweet-Track Psycho-spiritual / Astrologer
07780 966929

Hannah Taylor

Wincanton. Holistic
01963 440618

Heather Coleman

Street & Wells. Person Centred
07598 918468

Heidi Rose

Devon – psycho spiritual / eco therapy

Jacqueline Allen

Sweet-Track Psycho-Spiritual
0117 3305257

Jan Mojsa

Westbury. Transpersonal
01373 824314, 07940937267

Jane Sanders

Glastonbury. Core Process/ Mindfulness
01458 833382

Janine Mather

Relational Body Psychotherapist
07971 783374

Jill Ricketts

Andover. Sweet Track Psycho-Spiritual.

Jo Lacy-Smith

01305 266721

Jo Read

Seven Wanders Counselling in Glastonbury – Person Centred/Sweet Track Psycho-Spiritual/Nature

Judith Schuepfer-Griffin

Psychotherapeutic Counselling
07901 750 524

Karen Moyes

Chippenham, Wiltshire, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

Keith Hackwood

Newport. Psychosynthesis / Mindfulness
07710 550452

Lisbet Michelsen

Frome, Somerset – Integrative
07947 336915

Liz Hill

Person Centred – Astrological Counselling.

Lorraine Hazell-Linder

Private practice in Martock, Somerset – Humanistic, Psycho-Spiritual
07988 615 121

Michael Burnell

Yeovil, & Shepton Beauchamp. Sweet Track Psycho-Spiritual

Michelle Di-Lorenzo

Glastonbury. Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Transpersonal
07729 804 417

Miranda Scholefield

Glastonbury. Humanistic and Integrative

Nanneke Morgan

Crockerton / Westbury. Psycho-dynamic.

Nerissa Shaw

Glastonbury, Ilminster, Taunton. Sweet-Track Psycho-Spiritual
07545 951620

Nikki Pattison

Humanistic, Sweet Track Psycho-Spiritual

Rich Sutton

Glastonbury. Integrative, Zen Psychology
07946 263 380

Ruth Pooley

Psychotherapeutic Counselling
01225 422968, 07960226364

Sabine Bachinger

Person-Centred / Integrative
07884 931376

Sandra Lloyd-Williams

Cardiff. – Sweet Track Psycho-Spiritual / Core Process

Sue Ryall