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Rewilding Therapy Training

Develop a nature-based practice within your professional work with others.

This course is for those who want to develop a nature-based practice within their professional work with others; and for those pursuing their self-development in a way that includes an interconnected relationship with the earth.

It would be relevant for counsellors, health workers, psychotherapists, social workers, mentors, coaches, youth-workers, walking group leaders, teachers/educators and other professional therapists.

Over these two days our aim is to enable you to:

  • Gain confidence in working with others outside in nature
  • Incorporate the symbols, metaphors and cycles of nature as a mirror of your inner journey
  • Engage with others in exploring how to integrate eco-psychology into your everyday life and work
  • Strengthen the sense of interconnection and inter-being with the more than human world
    The course will take place at Hallr Wood, a therapeutic woodland project near West Charlton, Somerset.
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  • A three-strand model of eco-psychology overview
  • Research on the benefits of working in nature
  • Nature as therapeutic container
  • Tracking our connection and disconnection in our relationship with nature
  • Reciprocal connection with nature, a two-way whole system process.
  • Eco-centric client assessment- indicators & contra-indicators for taking people outside
  • Embodied Relational connection
  • Spiritual ecology/deep ecology. Recognizing and being with our feelings in relation to the earth & the challenges we and future generations face in these changing times
  • Sharing our favourite ecotherapy practices including working creatively & playfully in the landscape
  • Practical essentials i.e. insurance – contracting, health and safety, boundary issues etc.
  • Aversions and phobias
  • Deep listening to nature, an inner stilling to deepening connection.
  • Skills practice
  • Eco-therapy indoors and outdoors.

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