Professional Training Courses Offered

treesOur vision is to create a centre for psycho-spiritual education. Drawing upon many traditions rather than subscribing to any one path, our core ethos is to respect and encompass each other’s differences.

Sweet Track offers quality professional training in spiritual counselling to counsellors and healers. All our training courses are accredited through CPCAB (Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body) and carry a nationally recognised qualification which is transferable. They represent the first steps towards full counselling qualification.

Our courses take place in Glastonbury; a town with a long-established history of spiritual pilgrimage, which still attracts seekers of different faiths, and which is renowned for its transformational energies. Our trainings are held at weekends to allow those living in other areas to attend.

We train Counsellors to become independent and autonomous therapists. We also offer workshops and short courses for those with no previous counselling experience.

The centre’s courses aim to empower people’s spiritual identity and expression.

As the centre evolves and expands, different teachers and students will offer their talents and skills in response to the spiritual needs of the time.

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Art of Effective Listening-Level 2 (ELSK-L2)

Basic listening skills training. Eighteen hours to develop your listening skills – no previous experience necessary.  16 years plus. Dates to be confirmed.

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Certificate in Counselling Skills – Level 2 (CSKL2)

103 hours, first step in counselling training – no previous experience necessary.  21 years plus.


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Certificate in Counselling Studies – Level 3 (CSTL3)

117 hours.  A level 2 qualification or equivalent is required. 21 years plus.

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Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling (TC-L4)

480 hours, level 3 qualification or equivalent is required.  26 years plus.


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Level 5 Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling (PC-L5)

147 hours, level 4 qualification or equivalent is necessary, plus 200 hours supervised client hours. 

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Spiritual Counselling – One Day Workshops

Six hours, covering various aspects of spiritual counselling.  Open to all. 

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Sweet Track  Re-wilding Eco Therapy Days (was Eco-Psychology Days)

7 hours. A CPD workshop.  Next workshop is for anyone working therapeutically with people who want to spend some time exploring how the principles of eco-psychology could be incorporated in their work. 

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2 Day CPD  – Counselling with a Spiritual Attitude

A 2 day workshop.  A CPD course for qualified therapists. 

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