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Anonymous 20

This has been one of my most favourite experiences in life so far. Thank you.

Anonymous 19

The most lovely working space, lovely tutors and an amazing group of students.

Anonymous 18

I have loved this course. It’s very challenging and I have learnt a massive amount and feel that I have developed some skills to add to my counselling foundation.

Anonymous 17

The most helpful thing about this course was gaining knowledge and increasing the feeling of independence. Growing my confidence and self-esteem. The support from this group has been awesome.

Anonymous 16

A really powerful group, with diversity and from a wide range of experiences. Unexpected and really appreciated.

Anonymous 15

This course had an excellent balance of knowledge and nurture. I felt supported and safe.

Anonymous 14

I have a deeper awareness of myself and a wider experience of others. Brilliant!

Anonymous 13

Using new skills has been so beneficial in my everyday life. It is good to re-engage with education and to know that ‘I can’.

Anonymous 12

The group has been extremely important for my development in so many ways. I have learnt so many skills and theories to help me understand myself and others.

Anonymous 11

The tutors have been extremely helpful and supportive. The coursework has been delivered in a clear and professional way, using a variety of inspirational and diverse methods.

Anonymous 10

It has been a very enriching process working so personally and closely with people from such diverse and different backgrounds.

Anonymous 9

The tutors are amazing and very easy to work with, listen to and spend time with.

Anonymous 8

The mixture of activities, experiential learning and teaching has been brilliant and break it all up in manageable bites.

Anonymous 7

I really appreciate the sharing of the tutor’s own experiences. I have loved it. Thank you.

Anonymous 5

Everyone has been so open with each other and been each other’s rocks through the course.

Anonymous 4

I have found the tutors and support visitors to all be fully invested in my achieving and learning the skills laid out in the course. They have provided a safe and nurturing place for me to explore my own feelings, and emotions throughout this level 2, and have fully understood and guided my learning of […]

Anonymous 3

An enriching experience on so many levels and has really benefited my work as a student mentor at university.

Anonymous 2

I can’t believe how much I have grown during this course, far more than I could ever imagine.

Anonymous 1

I have started on my chosen profession with more confidence… the tutors have been very encouraging.