A low cost counselling agency at the Sweet Track Centre

The Sweet Track Counselling Agency is a low-cost counselling service based in Glastonbury Town Centre, that also offers online counselling.  It offers an opportunity to benefit from counselling if you are on a low income or face a long wait for other services. Young people are welcome as clients, as well as adults, as we have counsellors with experience in working with young people.

The counselling is primarily provided by student counsellors working towards a nationally recognised counselling diploma. Students are supervised by a fully qualified counsellor who, in turn, also receives supervision. The whole organisation is overseen by an experienced counsellor and tutor. All students are members of the BACP or another professional body and hold insurance for their work. We also have some qualified counsellors who support with counselling.

The Sweet Track agency runs according to the principles of the Sweet Track Centre which draws from many traditions rather than subscribing to one particular path. We respect differences and aim to empower people to draw upon their own resources to live a more fulfilled life.

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Counselling is the process of sitting with a trained person to talk through your difficulties and worries. You will be listened to without judgement and the counsellor will work with you to help you to find ways to cope and to make your life better. It can help with almost anything that is causing you distress.

The counselling sessions are confidential and safe. Your counsellor will always progress at a pace with which you are comfortable. If you find talking difficult, your counsellor might suggest other ways of exploring your worries – we will always try to find what works best for you.

Our student counsellors have already done in-depth training and are working towards a nationally recognised qualification. They have all been through counselling themselves.

Counselling may help with:
• Mental health problems including depression and anxiety
• Relationship difficulties or break-ups
• Exploring issues such as sexual or gender identity
• Self-esteem or confidence problems
• Understanding yourself and your behaviour better
• Anger Issues
• Eating disorders or difficulties around food and body-image
• Bereavement or illness
• Spiritual Crises
• Life changes
• Anything that is stopping you from getting the best out of your life

When you contact us we will arrange an initial consultation as soon as possible. There is a £25 cost for this assessment. After this, if you want to go ahead, we will find a counsellor to work with you on a regular basis.

We offer a sliding scale of costs and you will be asked to pay based on what you can afford:

  • Trainee counsellor from £20 to £35 per session
  • Qualified counsellor from £30 to £45 per session
  • Couples counselling from £30 to £50 per session

Mob: 07519 818383

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