Julia Nussbaum

Tutor Level 2

I have experience of working therapeutically with primary age children in school, as well as 1 to 1 with adults of all ages. I trained within a Psycho spiritual model and utilise a broad range of approaches depending on what you as a client want and how you work. I am client led but not passively. I bring a passion for depth and inner work and a compassion for the paradoxes of the human condition. I work relationally. I feel the therapeutic relationship is a powerful tool for gaining insight, self awareness and giving you more sense of your autonomy and ability to respond to your circumstances with a sense of choice rather than habit or conditioning.

I have worked for over 2 years with an organisation called Place2be that provides counselling to Primary School age children. This was incredibly rewarding, and taught me a huge amount about how quickly young people respond to a loving presence, and got me particularly interested in how much more difficult it seems to be for adults to allow themselves to be impacted by the presence of another human being. Exploring these defences is something I am particularly interested in in my work.

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