CPD Courses available in 2020 

Join our students, these CPD courses are available.

  • Psychosynthesis & Therapeutic Relationship 
  • Gestalt
  • Eco-Therapy Taster Day
  • Basic Competencies for working with Children and Young Adults


Psychosynthesis & Therapeutic Relationship (1 day course)


Time and Date: Saturday 14th March : 10am-5pm

Cost: £80

Tutor: Judith Griffin

Major Concepts

  • The Balancing and Synthesis of Opposites
  • Two Dimensions of Growth
  • Self-Identification and Disidentification
  • The Will
  • Essential Interconnectedness


  • Analytical Inquiry
  • Subpersonality Work
  • Disidentification and Self Identification
  • Purpose and the Creative Will
  • Imagery and Visualisation
  • The Ideal Model


Gestalt  (2 day course)


Time & Date: 11th April & 16th May : 10am-5pm

Cost: £150

Tutor Judith Griffin


  • Recognise the patterns
  • The 4 questions
  • Looking at the Circle – Defences
  • The Prophet on Marriage (or any relationship)


  • The focus is on Here and Now.
  • Chair-work
  • Body-work
  • Dialogue with symptom
  • Circle of Experience


Eco-Therapy Taster Day (1 day course)


Time & Date: Saturday 13th June : 10am – 5pm

Cost: £80

With tutor Jane Sanders

Course Program

  • Intro to Eco-psychology – different strands within a wide reaching emerging field of work 
  • Coming to our senses – intro to mindfulness of senses
  • ‘Practicing as counsellors at a time of climate disruption/changing times?
  • Legalities, practicalities of working outdoors
  • Ecocentric assessment 
  • Out door skills practice
  • Benefits of nature connection


Basic Competencies for working with Children and Young Adults (3 Days)

Saturday 11th July, 12th September, 10th October

10am-6pm : £255

With Nerissa Shaw

The time will cover Stage 1 of the Young Persons Training Curriculum. It will enable student counsellors to work in agencies on placement with children and young people provided their training provider is happy with this. 

It will also act as an introduction to working in counselling and psychotherapy with children and young people for those who wish to begin working towards this.

The content will mostly be focussed on those between 11-18. It will cover the following areas:

  • Ethical and professional practice 
  • Child protection and safeguarding 
  • Child and adolescent development and transitions 
  • Communication with young people 
  • Beginnings and endings with young people 
  • Risk assessments 
  • Mental health and young people 
  • Working within the context of the counselling setting 

Some of the areas we will cover include:-

Collaborative assessments

The differences between adults and CYP work

Therapeutic relationships with young people 

Specific tools to work with CYP

Mental health and young people 

Working with young people’s emotions 

Working with cultural diversity

Engagement with young people, parents and carers  

Working within and across agencies

Working in a school setting

Working in a voluntary/community sector setting


To apply for any of these courses, please use the application form below

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