Working in Sacred Space
Certificate in Counselling Studies Level 3 (CST’L3)

With Tutors : Charlotte Dowson & Rich Sutton

Next course starts 5th January 2024

This course is tor those who have already achieved a counselling skills (CSKL2) qualification, completed William Bloom’s Spiritual Companions Course, or have equivalent knowledge, and who wish to further develop their skills and knowledge of counselling studies within the context of working with a spiritual model.

We provide a framework, which is adaptable to the individual’s spiritual belief system. The course includes a basic understanding of the main theoretical approaches to counselling whilst focusing with more depth on transpersonal theory.

Counsellor Qualification: This is the next step towards gaining a full counselling qualification and carries a certificate in counselling studies qualification level 3. Ofqual Accreditation Number: CST-L3 is accredited by the Office of the Qualifications & Examinations Regulator (Ofqual) into  the RQF (Regulated Qualification Framework). The qualification number for CST-L3 is 500/8009/X.  This course contains 117 Guided Learning hours plus recommended time needed for study time or any other activities that aren’t supervised by a tutor of 79 hours.  Total Qualification Time (TQT) 196 hours.

On this course you will learn:

To prepare yourself for professional work

Dealing with referrals, assessments and client contracts. There are a variety of counselling settings, each with different requirements and clientele. You will be able to explore some of the issues raised by working in different settings. Receiving supervision is also an essential part of maintaining your work with people. You will have a chance to experience supervision and learn how to prepare a case study with feedback from tutors and peers.

About some of the main counselling approaches

There will be an introduction to Mindfulness, Person Centred counselling, Eco-Psychology, Body Psychology and Transpersonal Theory.

icy track

Ways of working with: creativity, spiritual guidance and healing abilities

You will have the opportunity to explore and develop different ways of drawing on your creative, intuitive and spiritual abilities and explore how to use these appropriately with clients, e.g. use of visualisation, working with the energies of the land.

Techniques for personal development and self-awareness

Self-awareness is ongoing and essential in working with others. You will be given models for understanding different aspects of yourself and opportunities for developing both individually and as part of the group. Each weekend devotes time for both personal and group processing.

Awareness of diverse spiritual paths and how to work with clients’ spiritual issues

rainbow over the torRespect for different beliefs is at the heart of our course. In the group you will meet both kindred spirits and those whose beliefs differ from your own. We offer glimpses into some of the many healing and spiritual traditions that are available today, enabling you to work closely with your client’s unique spiritual journey.


You will learn how to work safely outdoors with clients, how to have nature as a natural resource and how to bring nature indoors into the counselling work

How to integrate your learning and gain recognition

Throughout the course you will be supported in compiling a portfolio, which will help you integrate your learning. This is internally assessed by us and verified by CPCAB. In addition there is an external exam consisting of a DVD role-play and written questionnaire. By participating and meeting the assessment process required by CPCAB you will gain recognition for your efforts and your gifts.

Course Programme Topics

  • Introduction to Theory:- Mindfulness, Person Centred Counselling, Eco-Psychology, Embodied Awareness and Transpersonal.
  • Counselling and Listening Skills practice
  • Agency work – ethics, requirements, referrals, assessments
  • Making and reviewing client contracts
  • Introduction to supervision and case presentation
  • Awareness of common mental health problems
  • Defence patterns; an energetic developmental model
  • Psychodrama; working with family dynamics
  • Eco-Therapy. Working with the land and nature as a resource
  • Working with the ancestors
  • Working with death, transition and bereavement
  • Working with visualisation: skills for client work
  • Spiritual awakening and spiritual emergency
  • Art in a therapeutic context. Creating a time line

Group photo

Course Requirements

  • Personal therapy to support you during the year
  • Individual tutorial to support your progress
  • Written assignments, including written case study
  • Building a portfolio to evidence your learning External assessment

Feedback from students

“Everyone has been so open with each other and been each other’s rocks through the course.”

“This course has broadened my horizons”

“I really appreciate the sharing of the tutor’s own experiences. I have love it. Thank you”

“The mixture of activities, experiential learning and teaching has been brilliant and break it all up in manageable bites”

“The tutors are amazing and very easy to work with / listen to and spend time with”

“It has been a very enriching process working so personally and closely with people from such diverse and different backgrounds”

“The tutors have been extremely helpful and supportive. The coursework has been delivered in a clear and professional way, using a variety of inspirational and diverse methods.

“The group has been extremely important for my development in so many ways. I have learnt so many skills and theories to help me understand myself and others”

“Using new skills has been so beneficial in my everyday life. It is good to reengage with education and to know that ‘I can’”

“I have a deeper awareness of myself and a wider experience of others: Brilliant”

“This course had an excellent balance of knowledge and nurture. I felt supported and safe”

“A really powerful group, with diversity and from a wide range of experiences. Unexpected and really appreciated”

“The most helpful thing about this course was gaining knowledge and increasing feeling of independence. Growing my confidence and self-esteem. The support from this group has been awesome.”

“I have loved this course. It’s very challenging and I have learnt a massive amount and feel that I have developed some skills to add to my counselling foundation”

“The most lovely working space, lovely tutors and an amazing group of students.”

“One of the my most favourite experiences in life so far.”


Cost of Course

The total cost is  £1’895

This includes the CPCAB registration fee and external assessments. A £400 deposit secures your place. If the full balance is paid before the start of the course there is a 5% discount, or a monthly instalment plan is available on request.

 Group under a tree

Course Location and Timetable

This non-residential training takes place at the Sweet Track Centre, 44a High Street, Glastonbury BA6 9DX

The Certificate in Counselling Skills Level 3 Course consists of six weekends as stated below:


Session 1

Friday 5th January 2024
Saturday 6th January 2024 Sunday 7th January 2024

10am-5.30pm 10am-5.30pm 10am-5pm

Session 2

Friday 2nd February 2024 Saturday 3rd February 2024   Sunday 4th February 2024 

10am-5.30pm 10am-5.30pm 10am-5pm

Session 3

Friday 1st March 2024
Saturday 2nd March 2024 Sunday 3rd March 2024

10am-5.30pm 10am-5.30pm 10am-5pm

Session 4

Friday 12th April 2024
Saturday 13th April 2024 Sunday 14th April 2024

10am-5.30pm 10am-5.30pm 10am-5pm

Session 5

Friday 10th May 2024
Saturday 11th May 2024   Sunday 12th May 2024

10am-5.30pm 10am-5.30pm 10am-5pm

Session 6 


Friday 7th June 2024
Saturday 8th June 2024     Sunday 9th June 2024

10am-5.30pm 10am-5.30pm 10am-5pm

External Assessment  1st July 2024  

How to apply for this course


You can to let us know of your interest and we will send you a brochure and application form. Or you can download an application form below and send it to us.

application form (pdf)
To download form: right click and save file as.
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