Art of Effective Listening
Effective Listening Skills (ELSK-L2)

A 3 day Intensive Training

This is an in-house training only. We can arrange this training for your organisation.




18 guided learning hours, CPCAB accredited training, for candidates who wish to develop their listening skills.

Course Programme Topics:

This course is designed for those wishing to develop effective listening skills and is suitable for anyone interested in enhancing their communication skills.

On this 3 day training you will learn how to;

1. Create a safe and sacred space for an individual to talk.
2. Help an individual to talk about their concerns.
3. Understand the importance of being non-judgemental.
4. Listen attentively.
5. Understand the importance of self-awareness.
6. Manage the listening activity sensitively.
7. Use reflection to develop effective listening skills.


The candidate will be able to:

These transferable skills will enable you to:

• Be present and grounded when working with others
• Improve communication
• Improve existing work roles
• Enhance personal relationships
• Improve collegial relationships within workplace teams
• Enhance helping relationships
• Promote better community relations

Cost of Course:

To be agreed depending on your needs and participants.


Course Requirements

To build a portfolio showing your participation and understanding, this includes:-

  • Self-review
  • Journal
  • Peer & tutor testimonies


ELSK-L2 is accredited by the Office of the Qualifications & Examinations Regulator (Ofqual) into the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF)
Qualification Number: 500/7794/6
Sector endorsement: Employment National Training Organisation (ENTO)
Sector subject area: 01.3 Health and Social Care

Course Dates

To be confirmed


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