Counselling with a Spiritual Attitude

for therapists already working with clients

A CPD course for qualified therapists

With Collette Barnard 

 Dates 2020 TBC

This short two day experience is for qualified psychotherapists and counsellors who wish to explore spirituality and core beliefs, for personal development, and to inform working with clients. 

We shall explore different spiritual belief models, how these can be integrated into practice, and how to bring this awareness into the therapeutic relationships. We shall include theoretical models, along with the cycles of the earth, creativity and meditation techniques.

The emphasis is on wholeness, and inner integration of all the dimensions of Self. This is a chance to place yourself at the centre of your research.


What will you learn on these two days:-

  • To be able to sit with confidence within your own personal Core Beliefs and Spiritual Practice
  • What do we mean by ’Psycho-Spiritual’ Counselling?
  • Develop an inclusive language around Spirituality to use with clients
  • Deepen your understanding of Spiritual journey, connection and development
  • Understand the difference between spiritual emergence or spiritual emergency
  • Insight into different practices, ceremonies and rituals
  • Creative tools for your own practice and client work
  • Awareness of Spiritual diversity and difference
  • Understanding and integrating the ‘ 5Ways’ of Spiritual connection and practice

Over these 3 days we will explore:  

What do you mean by ‘Spiritual’. How you connect with your spirituality. What is a sacred space. Core beliefs. Five ways of connection. Nine stages of core connection. Our personal spiritual quest or the Hero’s Journey. The decent of Innana. Deep listening. Spiritual experiences/ Spiritual crises.  Spirituality and mental health.   Creative tools.  Importance of rituals. Embodied connection. Eco-psychology. Theoretical integration- A Sweet track Counselling Psycho-spiritual approach.

This course is designed to produce an environment to explore, experience, take risks and develop personally.  We will create space to express yourself within this learning community. We support the development of self-actualisation and professionalism by integrating physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth. This course is 75% experiential. The course takes place in Glastonbury, and is non-residential.

Cost of Course £TBC

The full cost of the course is £TBC, a non-refundable deposit of £50 secures your place, the balance being paid at the course start.



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